Getting authentic feedback is hard. We can help. Talent fairies

Leaders that can engage, motivate, and retain great people are the foundation of great organizations. Of course, leading people is hard and traditional feedback processes start to break as you grow.[1]. Leadership comes in many form so we're building tools that facilitate the things all leaders need.

Together, we can build a better way forward.

🔈 Turn up the volume on your team

As the founder of an early-stage software company, Lucia has been growing her team with few management or People Ops resources (okay, none). After several combative questions during company-wide meetings, she realized she had started to lose grip on how her employees were really feeling. With Talent Fairy, she set up weekly pulse surveys to get feedback - and has been able to take action on issues around lack of product vision and compensation that she just didn't know existed. 👩🏽

Nathan loves managing a regional chain of coffee shops, but many of his best people mysteriously left the team in recent months. He set up some anonymous surveys, and found out that a recently hired shift manager was causing trouble - but nobody felt comfortable speaking up. Now he’s tracking team engagement regularly, and is having more offline conversations about real issues with his people. 👨🏼

Charlie, a remote engineering manager, felt like she was going blind into meetings with her distributed engineers. She used Talent Fairy to automate her team’s written stand-ups. On top of an easy-to-access historical record of responses, she’s also started asking things like “How are you feeling today?” to get a better idea of how to start meaningful 1:1 s. 👩🏻

Real-time Feedback

Set up recurring surveys for members
Build recurring feedback requests Choose from a bank of battle-tested templates, or write your own
Vizualize response data with lists or charts
Measure feedback over time Explore your data to make sense of how team is feeling
Get an anonymous feedback link to share with your team
Truly anonymous feedback Keep a secure space to leave always-anonymous feedback
Your members don't need another account to manage - no sign-up is required
Setup in seconds No lengthy onboarding & no signup required for members
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