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As the founder of an early-stage software company, Lucia has been growing her team with few management or People Ops resources (okay, none). After several combative questions during company-wide meetings, she realized she had started to lose grip on how her employees were really feeling. With Talent Fairy, she set up weekly pulse surveys to get feedback - and has been able to take action on issues around lack of product vision and compensation that she just didn't know existed. 👩🏽

Nathan loves managing a regional chain of coffee shops, but many of his best people mysteriously left the team in recent months. He set up some anonymous surveys, and found out that a recently hired shift manager was causing trouble - but nobody felt comfortable speaking up. Now he’s tracking team engagement regularly, and is having more offline conversations about real issues with his people. 👨🏼

Charlie, a remote engineering manager, felt like she was going blind into meetings with her distributed engineers. She used Talent Fairy to automate her team’s written stand-ups. On top of an easy-to-access historical record of responses, she’s also started asking things like “How are you feeling today?” to get a better idea of how to start meaningful 1:1 s. 👩🏻

Truly anonymous feedback

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Anonymous feedback builds trust